Research Areas

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Discrimination and health - Discrimination is a known determinant of poor health and creates health disparities. This body of work focuses on how Islamophobia, the racialization of religious minorities, xenophobia, and structural forms of racism and discrimination shape population health outcomes in the U.S.



Gender inequities and reproductive health - Using population-based longitudinal data, I examine how the status of women changes over time and implications for women’s sexual and reproductive health and fertility. Much of this work takes a global justice approach, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa where countries are ranked the worst on the Global Gender Gap Index.



Migration and health - Anti-immigrant policies are xenophobic and a form of racism that is mutually incompatible with public health and valuing health for all. This area of research considers the structural context of migration, forced migration and refugees, immigrant families, contexts of reception, and population and reproductive health over the life course.